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The feature-length pilot for a Touhou anime series.

Long ago in the depths of a forgotten area of ancient Japan, there was a lone shrine that stood on the barrier for the real world. The shrine maiden that managed it, Reimu Hakurei, had skills and could knock out any youkai standing in her tracks. And she was only eight years old.

When the shrine is damaged by fleeting youkai and other supernatual creatures, Reimu must venture beyond the now-weakened barrier to find out the culprit of this mysterious case. Can she find out who did it and restore her shrine? It's up to Reimu to protect her mystical realm from danger in this exciting adventure.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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MaryPesik added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 12/06/2014. MaryPesik made 2 other changes. more
Oh! Hiya, I'm Reimu Hakurei.
MaryPesik added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 09/21/2014. MaryPesik made 10 other changes. more
This shrine maiden is named Reimu Hakurei.

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