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Quick pitch

A parody of the classic fairy tale, Cinderella. It stars a girl (Cinderella) who defies a terror prof (step-mother), 2 useless group mates (step-sisters)and beats the deadline to meet her Prince Charming, a school athlete, at the team’s victory party. After leaving her iPhone at the stroke of midnight, the guy started his search for her. But not for the reason she expected.

Written for the Archers Network Season 1 Pitch.

Project Type: Television (5 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

Recent changes

xoxox edited an action in "Scene 5" on 10/13/2014. xoxox made 5 other changes. more
A cluster of guys are huddled on one side, Prince stands on the platform. Cindy and Faye passes by. Prince sees them and recognize Cindy. He chases after them.
xoxox edited dialogue in "Scene 5" on 10/13/2014. xoxox made 151 other changes. more
(let's out a squeal)
OMG!! You have to introduce me.
(Cindy's jaw drops)
I've been trying to reach him for so long but I couldn't find him. Thank god I met you! You look so alike! I saw him at a party and-
xoxox added a new scene titled "Closing Sequence" on 10/12/2014. xoxox made 12 other changes. more

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