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Nearing the end of the Spanish Civil War, Victor, a young man in the Nationalist led secret faction Guardia de Leon, is confronted with the death of his best friend and betrayal his brother. Victor goes on the path of vengeance for his friend and country, but his quest may not be as noble as it seems.

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Aznaro takes a jab at the brute's legs causing him to fall to his knee. This is his moment to escape. He leaps past the brute towards the door but is stopped short by the brute who has grabbed Aznaro by the leg and pulled him back to him and throws him aside to the splintered wood. Now armed with a thick piece of wood he raises it up to crush Aznaro. To his dismay, Aznaro rolls from each blow. At this time the floor has become completely unstable and begins to break apart. Aznaro is able to leap up before the beast falls, only to hang on by a weak piece of wood.
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Aznaro, lacking a proper weapon, prepares to go on the defensive. The brute raises the scimitar above his had and drops it with such force that he splinters the floor below him as Aznaro dodges the blow. Through exchange of blows the brute gets fed up and finally swipes Aznaro away with his huge hulking arm. He crashes through a set of lit candles that catch a tapestry on fire.
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A battle rages on at the beach front of the bay. Moroccan rebels desperately try to fight off the ruling Spanish forces. Elsewhere, the leader of the Moroccan rebels, Abd el-Krim, watches over the battle from his stately mansion upon a cliff side. Unbeknownst to him, a group of two agents begin their climb up to face of the cliff to el-Krim. The two agents, reach the top and stealthily dispatch the guards located outside the mansion.

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