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Victor, before he was a famous contestant of the hit reality show, was more than what he was presented to be. Victor, like the rest has a past yet to be fully explored.

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Victor awakes from his fall to the smell of burning wood and the stinging sensation of fresh ash singing his face. He is frightened by the sight because it is unexpected and he doesn't know how much time he has to live. He brings himself up. The building is creaking and groaning under its own weight. Victor finally pulls himself to his feet, while dealing with a wound he sustained from the fall that left him unconscious. Victor hears the sound of men shouting in Arabic to leave the building. Victor follows suite.
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Victor's cries have the same effect as yelling at a deaf man. Victor runs further into the building, desperately trying to find a way out. The floor under him begins to break apart and fall. As it does Victor finds a weak spot in the wall on the other side of the room he is in. He sprits and rams his way through it. On the other side lies the balcony overlooking the foyer where the fire is at its strongest, burning away at anything it touches, turning all to ash. Victor's momentum takes far and he hits the railing and breaks it and falls over. Victor desperately grabs for something to hang onto and catches a piece of metal still holding onto the balcony. He looks down into the burning abyss that is consuming the building. Just then the floor above him begins to buckle under the weight and it begins to reveal the upper level. Victor pulls himself up with all his strength and begins to run away past the falling upper floor. As he does, however, he is too late, the upper level takes out his floor and he is holding on for dear life as the fire roars beneath him. Before he falls a hand grasps his and pulls him up. He has a moment of relief, but it is short lived when he sees the hand belongs to the enormous brute he was fighting prior to the fire. He smiles maniacally and stares into Victor's eyes letting him know that he saved him easily enough, and he will kill him just the same. But before the Brute can toss Victor into the inferno, his attention is stolen by a blunt object hitting him from behind, he turns to see Aznaro.
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As Victor runs through the debris following around him, he sees Arub MaLik Tumble through the ceiling in a blocked off room.
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Man (CONT'D)
Dijé Alto!
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Telo (in pain) (CONT'D)
You would kill your own brother, and all he has built? All the innocent that you slaughtered! You're a monster!

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