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srhoar edited an action in "The boys use it to full fill their whimsy wishes." on 09/15/2011. srhoar made 8 other changes. more
CUT TO: The boys turn their boring school lunches into pizza and hamburgers.
srhoar added an action in "Parents yell their names when the house becomes a castle." on 09/15/2011. srhoar made 12 other changes. more
The boys mom is standing in the front yard of their house. The camera is pulled back from her mouth as she is standing there yelling. As the camera pulls back, it is revealed that the family home has been turned into a mystical castle with an amusement park in side.
srhoar added an action in "Title sequence" on 09/12/2011. srhoar made 21 other changes. more
Show MPPA ratings and production credits.
srhoar added a new scene titled "Parents yell their names when the house becomes a castle." on 09/12/2011. srhoar made 13 other changes. more

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