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After befriending a local homesteader, Val and crew head into Lawrence to warn the townsfolk of an impending attack. But they are ambushed along the way, with Val and Sergio being seriously wounded. Now they must get into town quickly to tend to their injured. Once there, will they remain to fight with the townsfolk?

Meanwhile, Lizzy has stayed back on Tranquility to enact engine repairs and guard the ship. She is surprised by a ghost from the past - her former captain whose ship crashed here three years ago. Their parting was not congenial and now Jamieson is demanding that Lizzy make Tranquility space-worthy so as to escape the planet. But can Lizzy stall him long enough until the others return?

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With a flick of the reins and an authoritative "hya", Gonzo brings the horses to a gallop. Tobias rides along side them. Gonzo and Jeb look at each other and have a hushed exchange.
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Autumn is tending to Sergio. She wets a cloth, wrings it out, and damps Sergio's face with it. Suddenly, his mouth twitches. Some eye movement can be seen under his eyelids. His brows furrow a bit.
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Autumn begins to sob as Sergio stares at Autumn, not knowing what to do or say.
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Autumn takes his right hand in hers, stroking his hair with her other hand. Sergio begins to breathe more deeply.
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With all due respect, Judge, the life of every man, woman, and child in this town hangs in the balance. You will understand the gravity of this situation once I tell you all what I have learned.

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