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Via a town meeting, Nika and Sarah warn the citizens of Lawrence about Quantrill's intentions to attack at dawn of the next day. Some townsfolk leave but most stay to defend the town.

Preparations are made to surprise Quantrill and his men with an ambush but some of the crew prefer to go to Hogback Ridge to tell Quantrill not to attack in order to spare bloodshed on both sides.

Meanwhile, back at Tranquility, Jamieson tells his version of what happened the day Tobias' family was murdered. Tobias decides to let Jamieson live...until they can verify his story or not.

Anderson and his gang make their way ever closer to Hogback Ridge, leaving a bloody trail in their wake.

Sergio finally awakens but apparently, the bullet wound to his head has given him amnesia as he does not recognize Autumn.

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Just not comfortable leaving Sergio at a time like this.
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Shortly, Tucker and the others ride into camp. They dismount and also head for the campfire. Koger steps in front of them and inspects them for weapons. Finding none, he lets them pass.
eroc57 edited an action in "The inhospitable host" on 02/21/2015. eroc57 made 9 other changes. more
When Blackmore grasps Anderson's hand with his, Anderson yanks Blackmore off his horse and to the ground. Bloody Bill stomps his boot on Blackmore's chest and puts a revolver to his head.
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