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Quick pitch

Val and his crew of mercenaries - aboard the Tranquility - are transporting cargo the Syndicate desperately wants. It seems like a simple job - hand over the cargo - get paid.

But things become more complicated when the crew encounters a meteor storm on route to the rendezvous point. The rocky ride breaks a seal on one of the cargo pods, setting off an alarm. The crew open the pod and discover that the cargo they are carrying is human! The other pod is forcibly opened, revealing yet another person.

Once the two become conscious, they tell their story to Val and company.
One is a physicist; the other - his wife - a surgeon. The Syndicate has nefarious plans for both, which the two cannot abide by...and neither can Val's crew once they become privy to the details.

Val and crew debate what to do but eventually decide not to turn the two over to the Syndicate. Now they are on the run from the unsavory cartel's most ruthless bounty hunter - Miscov.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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eroc57 added dialogue in "Human Cargo" on 01/31/2015. eroc57 made 3 other changes. more
Ugh...this day just keeps gettin' better an' better.
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Nika and Jeb settle back into their chairs with Jeb sporting that famous scowl once again.
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How long 'til we reach the rendezvous point with the Syndicate rep?
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The Captain knows this piece o' work?
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Bet there's a hot babe in the other pod.

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