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BHSproductions added an action in "WRITING 2" on 06/04/2010. BHSproductions made 5 other changes. more
shot of her eyes reflected in blurred and clear parts of mirror
BHSproductions added a new scene titled "WRITING 2" on 06/03/2010. BHSproductions made 3 other changes. more
BHSproductions added a slugline in "TEARS" on 06/02/2010. BHSproductions made 2 other changes. more
INT. Kim crying in room
BHSproductions added an action in "GRAVEYARD" on 06/01/2010. BHSproductions made 6 other changes. more
Fade from behind swing to behind grave. Show KIM and AIDEN standing facing grave. Behind another one, fade in PETER looking off into distance, pan behind third grade
BHSproductions added an action in "Swings, Foothill (breakfast at tiffany's?)" on 06/01/2010. BHSproductions made 19 other changes. more
PETER I think that proves that they're really great teachers though. That even though, in their mind, you're no more special than any of their other students, they still managed to make you feel that way.

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