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unnamed wanderer:
"The quick version is that we screwed up. The long version? The planet's oil reserves finally gave up the ghost, and the major world-powers spent their last days fighting over the last reserves Alaska had stored away. They used everything they had but the Nukes for as long as possible; everything from conventional firearms to bio and chemical weapons. To make a long story short, the effects on the global environment were...extreme. I think England is the new Iceland now... or was it Canada? At one point, the UN even made a deal with the Drenex Foundation to make some kind of deal. Something the Foundation bigwigs called Project GENISIS, a race of synthetic soldiers meant to enforce peace; but I guess it must have failed. Point is, the head-honchos tried everything they could to keep things in their little corner of the world together. Eventually though, everything just fell apart."
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Pauses as he checks the ammo boxes and smiles, apparently liking what is inside; pulls out a grenade (prop!!) and looks it over approvingly.

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