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an adaptation of "the rime of the ancient mariner"

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Hunter march:
I have a bit of a modest proposal for you. You have just confirmed that you wish to live, while I on the other hand would like nothing more than a break from this miserable life of punishment so here is how it all goes down. You have made a terrible mistake but you're not the only one. Now for your punishment: The weight of the deer is something that will physically burden you for the rest of your life and that is a simple consequence of life. On top of that, to prevent others from making the same mistake, you will roam the fraternities and sorority's and you will wait for them to have mixers and parties and formals and semi formals. And each time there is a social event, you will stand outside of the party and you will tell the tale of your unfortunate event and warn others of the mistakes you have made so that they may walk away from you as wiser people. Am I making myself clear?
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Don't forget that every life should be appreciated.
I think I nailed this one.
gabysbeastie edited dialogue in "scene 3" on 05/19/2014. gabysbeastie made 24 other changes. more
Hunter March:
I believe this is the key you were searching for? Now take it, and drive away from here in exactly five minutes, the rain will be gone and you will be safe but you must not forget your punishment for it is the only thing assuring your survival.
nohemirz1 edited dialogue in "scene 3" on 05/19/2014. more
what do you mean? I don't understand. A punishment?

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