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Screenplay for saving money for consumer math

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tryka added an action in "Intro" on 11/19/2013. tryka made 14 other changes. more
Everything turns white and Oliver is standing in a blank room. He wanders around confused and finds a door. He walks up to the door and opens it. The next thing he knows is he is back in his room sitting in his chair looking up at his ceiling confused on what just happened.
tryka added dialogue in "Intro" on 11/18/2013. tryka made 39 other changes. more
old ryan
Yeah i did, but i wasn't a dummy and i put it in a whole bunch of stocks instead of one. Plus i held off on selling them for a really long time and i still have a lot of them so i cans till make a good amount of money from them.
tryka edited dialogue in "Intro" on 11/18/2013. tryka made 12 other changes. more
Oh, it did. We are in the past right now, we can not interfere with what is happening but we can watch.
tryka added dialogue in "Intro" on 11/13/2013. tryka made 61 other changes. more
Are the thing that you have been buying
tryka added an action in "Intro" on 11/11/2013. tryka made 23 other changes. more
Oliver keeps deleting the email but each time he dose it it keeps on coming back and each time he gets back he get madder.

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