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Episode 02 for the Ultimate Spider-man TV show.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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JustinDooley added a slugline in "13. How are you doing." on 01/01/2014. JustinDooley made 48 other changes. more
INT. end of ultimate spider-man episode 02
JustinDooley added a shot in "11. revenge" on 01/01/2014. JustinDooley made 8 other changes. more
JustinDooley added an action in "11. revenge" on 12/31/2013. JustinDooley made 4 other changes. more
As Spider-man shakes him his hats falls off and the criminal is the same guy from earlier who he could have stopped. Spider-man looks surprised.
JustinDooley added dialogue in "11. revenge" on 12/30/2013. JustinDooley made 51 other changes. more
Mister, there is nowhere on Earth you will be able to hide from ME!
JustinDooley added a slugline in "10. Goodbye Uncle Ben" on 12/29/2013. JustinDooley made 61 other changes. more
INT. 10. int. cu of aunt may's face as she goes through her MONOLOGUE she starts to cry.

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