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theMockingjay226 edited an action in "Scene 3" on 07/12/2013. theMockingjay226 made 24 other changes. more
Katniss finds Peta petting a stuffed beaver by a stream.
theMockingjay226 edited an action in "Scene 3" on 07/06/2013. theMockingjay226 made 7 other changes. more
Katniss saws off a swaggy jaggy nest. Lindsey emerges from it and begins flying around. The Careers scream in agony. All escape except for Glimmer. Peta tries to befriend her. Lindsey sings "zum zum zum zum zum" from Pitch Perfect.
theMockingjay226 inserted an action in "This is your first scene." on 07/04/2013. theMockingjay226 made 2 other changes. more
As they speak, Katniss braids her hair (only because we filmed the entire first scene and then realized Marisa's hair wasn't braided lmao)
theMockingjay226 edited dialogue in "Scene 3" on 07/03/2013. theMockingjay226 made 74 other changes. more
(Flexes at her and winks.)
theMockingjay226 inserted dialogue in "Scene 3" on 06/19/2013. theMockingjay226 made 7 other changes. more
peta Cont'd.
She was a rescue.

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