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This is my first movie in a series of post apocoliptic screenplays. A young girl named Jenna Greven is fooling around with her friends. There ususal routine of cliff jumping, and drugs. She jumps off the cliff face into the water below, and on that day a huge tidal pool carries her below the rock and into the cliff face. She ends up discovering a "safeheaven." or so she thinks , and the rest is yours to find out.

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He slips a sleeping pill into his mouth, tilts her chin up and kisses her, slipping it on her tounge. He then brings her to his bed as she crys into his shirt and places her on the bed next to him and just holds her until she crys herself asleep
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Wait Jenna
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(Jenna turns back and walks quickly over to the cliff, the scuff of Ryans shirt in hand)
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(She walks close to him and moves the knifes edge down his arm gently, not piercing skin and lightly takes his palm, turning it up to her and peircing his palm, blood pooling from the cut. She starts running itricate lines through his skin as he flinches from pain. She then steps back and presses his hand against a piece of paper, then handing it to Erin behind her. The thing in his hand is a pattern, almost like

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