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A high school drama project. Four students from different walks of life are stuck in detention and learn to understand why they act the way they do. A response to the very popular movie "The Breakfast Club". The students each explain their unique living situation which lead them to this very detention.

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[Talks calm and detached] Wanna hear some real heavy shit? [Looks to each person in the room and when she has everyone's attention she continues] I am constantly in pain. And when I say pain I mean the pain that would make a grown man cry. I am slowly dying but I just want to fall dead now. The only reason I haven't taken my life or that I still hold on is my little brother Alex. I promised him that I would be here to take him to the beach when he turns 17 but hes only 5. I have to endure this pain for another 12 years and pot helps me get through it. So go die in a ditch somewhere. All of you for judging me. [Points at Preston] And I resent that statement you made about not having a right for acting the way I do. I act this way because I might not see tomorrow so I'm going to say what is on my mind. No more sugar coating to appease the people. And yes I can use big fancy words too I'm not that dumb if you take a look at the records I'm number 12 in our class as of right now.
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A test that's all? I never thought that the perfect child could do such a thing!
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Seems to me the weeds getting to her.
WillJay23 edited dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 05/30/2012. WillJay23 made 45 other changes. more
No. Everyone already knew that. I didn't even start that one. But now that I think about it I should have. Anyway I punched another girl in the Locker Room.

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