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The pilot episode for "Uneducated Youth", a comedy that revolves around teenagers that tries to show that not all teen comedies are over-dramatic or kid friendly. This episode will have one major plot, and a minor plot. The major plot revolves around Bill, a dimwitted racist, who, while trying to write an English paper, ends up writing a two page theory on how religion works. The teachers fail him for using incorrect grammar, and having many spelling mistakes. However, Bill believes that they failed his paper because "The school is filled with right wing conservatives trying to push the view that Christianity is the only religion onto others". The sub-plot will revolve around a character named Nicholas, who's parents are trying to get divorced.

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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sonicofhire added dialogue in "scene 2" on 09/10/2011. sonicofhire made 3 other changes. more
and so the dang liberals want to take away our gun rights, so on monday were going to go to the white house a kick them butt fucking queers and take back america
sonicofhire added a new scene titled "scene 2" on 09/06/2011. sonicofhire made 2 other changes. more
Gringoamericano edited dialogue in "Bill unveils a conspiracy (sorta)" on 08/16/2011. more
Okay. R...E..L..J- you know what, screw this. The school's taking away my first amendment rights, and I'm not going to let them. I'm holding a protest.
Gringoamericano edited dialogue in "Bill unveils a conspiracy (sorta)" on 08/13/2011. Gringoamericano made 43 other changes. more
Well Alice, this isn't a TV show, now, is it?
alexroxsin added dialogue in "Bill unveils a conspiracy (sorta)" on 08/13/2011. alexroxsin made 9 other changes. more

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