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man waked up with a stranger on his wedding day

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Woman looks at the stack of bills on the nightstand, man starts to head for the door.
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Two people in a bed, the women is on the right hand side fast asleep, the man is on the left hand sides. Their bodies are back to back. The man begins to stir. He rolls, he faces the woman's back for a moment (about a minute) then rolls and the pair are back to back again. He stirs again and starts to wake up. He props himself against the backboard and looks around the room. He sees the woman laying next to him lifts up the sheet and smiles to himself. He then leans back against the headboard stares off in space. he looks like he is in deep casual though, letting his mind drift and wander, thinking up scenarios, ideas, etc. His mood drifts and wanders with his thoughts, he groggily contemplates: What is the meaning of life? yeah, that's what the meaning of life. He looks at the woman, sleeping contently. His mind wanders back to his thoughts as he slowly rubs his eyes. Does he really want to get married? Why would anybody get married? Security? He ponders this for a moment then shrugs it off- he does not want to die alone or be one of those people in their mid forties using match dot com. He shakes his head and looks at the woman again and laughs. Waking up next to random broads he met in a blacked out state sums up his college experience. He looks at the unknown woman again and laughs lightly. College. He leans back against the headrest, looks at the ceiling and rubs his temples.

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