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A group of 6 friends go on a trip to Thailand and get captured by a Thai gang who are going to sell them into slavery, one of them escapes and makes it his goal to rescue them but at the cost of his own sanity

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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jackbauer added an action in "Jason has his 1st hallucination" on 09/28/2014. jackbauer made 25 other changes. more
Jason walks into the bathroom, he turns on the light but one of them is out, the room is darker, Jason turns the faucet on and looks in the mirror, then the room gets much darker and is lit neon blue, Jason looks into the mirror and sees the man he killed bloody and beaten instead of himself in the mirror, he jumps back and looks around, he throws water on his face and the room goes back to normal Jason then looks back into the mirror and sees himself, he then turns on the shower
jackbauer edited in "Wes and Jason question the man" on 09/27/2014. more
jackbauer added an action in "Jason has his 1st hallucination" on 09/21/2014. jackbauer made 122 other changes. more
Jason puts the dnd sign on the door then walks down the hallway, he gets to the vending machine and
jackbauer edited dialogue in "The group arrives at their hotel room" on 09/18/2014. jackbauer made 55 other changes. more
(He takes out fortune cookies and throws them to everyone)
Well now that you are back, I got these from a some guy, authentic Chinese fortune cookies made right here in China
thedriver joined the project! on 09/13/2014. more

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