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A young gas station worker, working a graveyard shift. All seems to be going well. Until he checks the security cameras.

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Boss (CONT'D)
Oh, and I know Kate Upton is a looker and all, but she's got no class. Just a downright vapid hoe. If you want the best of both worlds, do yourself a favor and look up Jessica Chastain. Classy as can be, and easy on the eyes. You're welcome.
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The man is limping towards the gas station. His flesh is burning, smoking. His hair is on fire, and his eyebrows is on fire. No normal human being could withstand the blast.
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The Teen is using the urinal. The bathroom is dark, smelly and dirty. Dirt encrusted into the tile and walls. The ceiling is covered with once wet, dried up paper towels.

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