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BUS Ramp- ext. - Afternoon (Around 1:30)

GeminiEos - on 08/22/2011

EXtreme close up of bloody arm, zoom out onto full body.

GeminiEos - on 08/22/2011

A bloody corpse of a 16-17 year old boy is lying dead on the bus ramp, he's been hit by a bus- so he's pretty banged up. A detective: DAVID HAGGIS is taping an outline of the corpse. HAGGIS is about 50 years old, his psyche has been damaged. He stands at about 5'9.5, and is a former war veteran.

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He takes a picture of the corpse with a camera, and jots down a note about the corpse.

GeminiEos - on 08/22/2011

Close up on note: (suicide likely, no motive yet.)

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He closes the notepad, and puts it in his coat pocket. As he begins to leave the scene, he notices- his hand is balled in a fist. He loosens the grip of the victim, and notices a small JACK. He picks it up. He makes a confused look. He dials a number on his CELL PHONE.

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Hey, you know those Jacks we've been finding... Well, I've found another... Uh... 9195 Applebrook Grove... Okay see you then.

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