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A story of a private detective solving an unsolved case

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marcoeugenio added an action in "Scene 2" on 05/23/2013. marcoeugenio made 18 other changes. more
Then after her trial judge was finally sentence Natalie Elizabeth to 15 years in prison. Because Natalie told everything to reduced her sentence. All thanks to Det Joey Ramirez.
marcoeugenio added dialogue in "Scene 2" on 05/16/2013. marcoeugenio made 11 other changes. more
P Det Joseph Ramirez
Don't make me do this.
marcoeugenio added an action in "Scene 2" on 05/09/2013. marcoeugenio made 22 other changes. more
After when Joey found's Menendez's location the police and the SWAT along with Joey prepares for Menendez's location. Then while approaching Menendez's location snipers opened fire from the rooftops and heavy machine gun fires from the front doorway and then CPT Shepard calls in help. Det Ramirez told CPT Shepard that they have RPG's anti tank launchers and also Det Ramirez single handedly took out the snipers and took the machine gunner
marcoeugenio edited dialogue in "Scene 2" on 05/02/2013. marcoeugenio made 37 other changes. more
P Det Joseph Ramirez
Hey Captain don't you mention I serve with the 75th Ranger Regiment CTU and I used to be a CIA agent.
marcoeugenio added dialogue in "Scene 2" on 04/18/2013. marcoeugenio made 20 other changes. more
csi Supervisory Det John
We found out he's a former

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