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Horror/Monster movie
Touch of Drama

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lboyer22 added dialogue in "Day 2" 4 months ago. lboyer22 made 42 other changes. more
Ok so I was wondering about my project again. I know I've asked like a million times, but can you just give me a brief summary of my topic again?
lboyer22 edited an action in "Solace" 8 months ago. lboyer22 made 8 other changes. more
MICHAEL is walking down the street and enters a coffee shop.
lboyer22 added an action in "Alexa and Mom" 8 months ago. lboyer22 made 35 other changes. more
Alexa walks up to the door unlocking it and walking in to see MOM passed out on couch.
lboyer22 added an action in "Mom" 8 months ago. lboyer22 made 10 other changes. more
Michael's face quickly turns from happiness to an anxious, almost worried look before hesitantly walking up to the house and in the door.
lboyer22 added an action in "Mom" 8 months ago. more
Michael walks away and sits down on a couch. Alexa begins making his coffee and looks at him worriedly, almost distant then finishes making it and brings it to him.

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