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Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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Jackie sits.
jpeel1 added dialogue in "SCENE 1" on 12/23/2008. jpeel1 made 7 other changes. more
That's were Jackie comes in, she's flexable, and can make her way through any situation.
jpeel1 edited dialogue in "SCENE 1" on 12/22/2008. jpeel1 made 17 other changes. more
So are we just going to walk in the vault or do you have some top seceret plan?
jpeel1 added dialogue in "SCENE 1" on 12/22/2008. jpeel1 made 21 other changes. more
Okay, this is how it goes. Hef, Holly, Kendra, and Bridget will arrive at the Palms. Moments later, they'll make their way through the lobby, up the elevator, down the hall to the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. They'll pass through the stainless steel security door that is ment to keep the people out and the good times in. There'll be cameras, security will be high. Because below the Sky Villa is a 10 ton high tech security vault. In the vault is over 2 million dollars worth of jewelry. Particullarly Holly Madison's.

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