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a boy dies

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mattymest inserted an action in "This is your first scene." on 06/24/2014. mattymest made 3 other changes. more
The girl walks past Matty.
mattymest edited dialogue in "matty asks her out" on 03/05/2014. more
Haha, you mean this spot is like Pride Rock or something?
mattymest edited dialogue in "return to park" on 02/02/2012. mattymest made 2 other changes. more
Leave her the fuck alone!!
mattymest inserted an action in "dinner continued" on 02/16/2011. mattymest made 4 other changes. more
You see flashes of Matty and Vanessa arguing while his voice over talks. The last flash is of him asking her out.
mattymest edited an action in "ending" on 02/16/2011. mattymest made 31 other changes. more
She looks around the room, she's alone. The song that Matty asked her out to starts to play. Matty is seen smiling as he's fading away until...fade black.

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