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Guy gets fired from his job and turns to dealing drugs. Then things get interesting and the audience starts to give a shit.

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GregR57 edited an action in "O Canada!" on 08/22/2012. GregR57 made 52 other changes. more
They make a break for the door, slipping inside in time to avoid the Canadians returning fire. They turn around and find the stairs, which they hurry down. At the bottom, there is a door, much heavier than the last. XXXX tries to shove it open, but it won't budge. Ulysses moves him aside, and pulls on the handle. The door opens.
BradA edited an action in "WAR!" on 05/15/2012. BradA made 84 other changes. more
The ice cream truck soars over the top of the wall, majestically flipping onto it's side through the air. It gracefully crashes to the ground, tumbling to the edge of the yard, turning over several times. It lands on the passenger side, smoking and absolutely totalled. The Canadians just stare as this goes on. The music kind of whirs down to nothing.
BradA edited dialogue in "The Lead Up To Shit Getting Real" on 05/03/2012. BradA made 34 other changes. more
I've got a hidden stash of military grade guns and explosives buried out in the woods. If the squirrels haven't chewed through yet they should be in workable condition.
BradA edited dialogue in "Motifs Reoccur, Yo" on 04/02/2012. more
I've...I've changed in these past few months. I've robbed, I've even killed. I don't know who I am anymore. Now I've brought an innocent kid into this mess and we might all die tomorrow.
BradA added dialogue in "Hey, You Awake?" on 04/02/2012. more
As ready as we'll ever be my boy.

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