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Quick pitch

Olivia is a lonesome girl with no real friends or really close family. She seems not secretive but silent. She is the most average of Average joe's.
After her house is egged and her locker is trashed by unknown people, her life grows more and more mysterious. She continues to lead this life of hers going at a constant. Then her cousin Rocky begins to get mad at the hate crimes against her and her family.
Seeking retaliation he leaves and goes to find who has been doing these crimes, she is reluctant and doesn't help nor support him in searching.
Soon her dog is taken straight from her house. This is where the line is drawn. She doesn't freak out.
She sits in her room, thinking of who or what they could want with her as she just sits there twiddling her pencil.
She calls Rocky to see what he's doing but in the end he is just at his house playing Mortal Kombat.
She picks up a guitar and thinks of how she named it Oscar.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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Olivia (Narrating)
I write stories. I never know what to name them. Either I name them before I write, or I don't name them at all. - Writers state that they mostly wait until after their story is written to give it a name. Every person is their own stories. In an abstract writer's world, we would wait until after a person's death to give them a name.
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Olivia is in her room. She puts on a shirt and jeans. Her room is hung with posters and obscure drawings.
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Olivia (Narrating)
I stare into the mirror now. Look at me. I am Olivia. Olivia. I have always wondered, why do I see me in the mirror? How do I know who I am? How is it possible that I am so self-conscious at all times. My dog looks into the mirror and sees a different dog. He hates what he sees. When I look into the mirror, I see myself, and I hate what I see.
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INT. Int. Bathroom - Day
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OLIvia (Narrating Cont'd
Hate and dislike are different in so many ways. Used far too much in the current lexicon, just as love and like. But I do think more acts of hate are committed then acts of love. I'd like to commit a small act of dislike or like. Why can people be detained for acts of hate yet not acts of love? Or dislike?

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