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Phil Clay has no choice but to take a job on a salvage ship. He needs the work if he wants any chance of making it into college. Under Captain Ainsley, the ship goes out in search of missing vessels in the middle of the Pacific. But something attacks the ship, leaving it stranded on the edge of an underwater drop-off. With the ship's equipment ruined, the crew must find a way to escape before the creature in the water gets to them.

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INT. Ext. Deck - night
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Marco looks over to see that Chapman has made it a fair distance away, nearing the raft. He starts swimming out as well, trying to stop him and bring him back. Before he makes it very far, something huge moves between them. In a flurry of commotion, something smacks Marco hard, sending him flying towards the rocks. His head collides with a large boulder, and the loud crack is audible even underwater.
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Marco grabs the end of the line
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Captain Ainsley (O.S.)
Alright, I think the radio is working. Now, this is only one-way; you won't be able to talk to us up here. Good luck.
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Marco rights himself in the cold water. He glances around, locating Chapman not far away.

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