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Isabella and Noah have been best friends since they were 5. They've been through so much together and only think of each other as friends, maybe even brother and sister. Well, Isabella has only thought of him has a friend, Noah not so much. Until Noah goes on his first date and Isabella realizes she might have a crush on him.

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marina at 16yrs
Don't talk about it in front of Bella.
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The priest's voice fades as the rest of the service continues. Before they lower her casket, Noah places a picture he colored of him and his mom. Isabella is next to him. She holds his hand, giving him comfert.
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young isabella
Noah Carson, you are my very best friend.
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ISABELLA, (18), is sitting at her desk with her laptop open. She has her email's open and clicks COMPOSE. She types: [email protected] In the subject line she types: PLEASE OPEN!!!!! Then she begins the actual email:
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isabella (v.o.)
I miss you. A lot. I know you don't want to hear it but I need you to know how strong our friendship is. I think you forgot... So let's start from the begining.

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