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A college student at odds with is family travels across the United States to visit his dying grandmother, with whom his mother has not spoken with for many years.

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jakeaziz added an action in "The Car Ride" two years ago. jakeaziz made 7 other changes. more
ELLIOT keeps walking as TRACY jogs to catch up. TRACY grab's ELLIOT's arm, and he turns around.
jakeaziz added dialogue in "The Car Ride" two years ago. jakeaziz made 20 other changes. more
Oh my God, Dad, stop the fucking car.
jakeaziz added a slugline in "The Car Ride" two years ago. jakeaziz made 27 other changes. more
INT. ext. a truck stop parking lot - midday
jakeaziz edited the scene titled "The Car Ride" two years ago. jakeaziz made 12 other changes. more
jakeaziz added dialogue in "This is your first scene." two years ago. jakeaziz made 22 other changes. more
In that same house.

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