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A college student at odds with is family travels across the United States to visit his dying grandmother, with whom his mother has not spoken with for many years.

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jakeaziz added an action in "The Car Ride" a year ago. jakeaziz made 7 other changes. more
ELLIOT keeps walking as TRACY jogs to catch up. TRACY grab's ELLIOT's arm, and he turns around.
jakeaziz added dialogue in "The Car Ride" a year ago. jakeaziz made 20 other changes. more
Oh my God, Dad, stop the fucking car.
jakeaziz added a slugline in "The Car Ride" a year ago. jakeaziz made 27 other changes. more
INT. ext. a truck stop parking lot - midday
jakeaziz edited the scene titled "The Car Ride" a year ago. jakeaziz made 12 other changes. more
jakeaziz added dialogue in "This is your first scene." a year ago. jakeaziz made 22 other changes. more
In that same house.

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