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College students discuss their personal lives.

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He goes back into his room. DANIEL, unsurprisingly, follows. During the following, they make their way to their original positions, both sitting up/
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You can't keep doing this. And I don't mean that in the friendly "trying-to-help" way, although I guess that too, but I also mean that they will stop you. College will, this college. You've missed a lot of classes, and I'm sure there's some bullshitty lecture thing in your schedule that you can fly through or whatever, but there are some ones that are probably important. That have attendance policies. And you haven't gone to them and if you start going back right now you might stand some chance, but if you keep doing this you won't and it'll be bad.
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So are you just asleep? Whenever we knock? Or...?
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And I guess this could come off as slightly exaggerated? This whole thing I'm telling you? Like, "if you don't get back to class your life will be ruined and you won't get married and you'll die alone in a box" kinda shit, but I mean it. You can't argue that things wouldn't be better if you came out of your room and talked to people again and actually tried to do fucking something. You can't. And you have to have thought of this, because you're not stupid. You have to have thought of every point I made just now sometime in the last two weeks between the piss breaks and snack machines and the fucking self-pity pool you're splashing around in like a fucking three-year-old. So please. Realize that people love you, and grow the fuck up.
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DIXON makes his way to a toilet and pees during the following while DANIEL leans up against a nearby wall.

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