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Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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lukasy (v.o.)
The date was January, 18th. My seventeenth birthday,
For the ninth time...
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LUKASY IVER/LUCKY QUINN, 17; sits, uncomfortably, in an interrogation room. Nothing can be seen in the room besides LUKASY and the table he sits at. LUKASY seems to have recently been covered with blood. His nose has a steady stream and his right eye is impossibly dark, his lip protrudes on the left side and is smothered in dark red. His cheeks shone a bit yellow and purple from bruising and his left temple boasts a healthy scare. The lamp above LUKASY swings uncontrollably and gives the viewer an "I'm gonna throw up" feel. LUKASY watches through his lashes as the lamp traces patterns in front of him, he shifts in his seat and winces as he does, the viewer is to infer his face isn't the only thing beat up.

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