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Exposed (Working Title)

Angelo is a teen who is pressured by his friends to be a man. They are all hanging out at school when a new girl walks by, Melody. All Angelo's friends check her out as she walks by and disrespect her. Angelo falls in love. Melody and Angelo meet and fall madly in love with eachother. He tells his friends but they laugh and only wonder if he has had sex with her yet. With all the pressure from his friends he ends up raping Melody at a party. His best friend, Dominic, records it and their relationship is destroyed. In the end, Angelo realizes who he truly is. He is nothing like his friends and he let the pressure take control and destroy everything he loved. Angelo breaks away from the pressure by telling off the guys and seeing the person that he truly wants to be.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)
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13 scenes
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