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Bolverk yelled at the remaining wolves, blood dripped from the blades of his axes the wolves growled, snapped and snarled than one leaped forward and Bolverk throw his axe into the wolfs head Bolverk stepped aside as the wolfs corpse past by him and fell to the ground now only holding one axe and his back turned the other large wolf leaped up and bit into his forearm its teeth sunk deep into his arm causing him to drop his other axe Bolverk yelled out and then grabed the Wolf by its fur collar, spun it around and hurled it into a tree the wolf quickly got back up and charges at Bolverk he rushes at the wolf and they both leap into the air but Bolverk had pulled a knife from behind his back and sunk it into the wolfs neck as the crashed into each other and than the ground he wrapped his legs around the wolfs stomach keepign it from standing it kicked and growled until Bolverk sank his blade deeper into its neck and than pulled it across its throat cutting it wide open blood gushed out onto the snow and over Bolverk but he did not loosin his grip on the wolf until it stopped moving than he pushed its corpse aside and stood up Bolverk turned around only to meet the Hart standing behind him it towered over Bolverk but than the Hart kneeled down and thanked him for saving its life by letting Bolverk place his hand upon its head and he did when he placed his hand upon the Harts head Bolverks wounds had healed he grabbed his forearm and nodded the Hart Nodded back and then returned to the forest. Bolverk Torin had collected his axes and from the corpse of the wolves his arrows before loading them onto his wagon it was a small wagon with 2 wheels and a flat bed that was pulled behind his horse he pilled the wolves on top of the wagon and than tied them down mounted his horse and set way back to his Village.
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Bolverk Torin crouched and stayed still and silent in the tall grass he was covered by a thick fur cloak white like the snows of winter with raven feathers, he has holding a long bow and arrows with white feathers and a quiver on his back, he whore black gloves and his wrists and forearms were wrapped with leather his beard thick with snow on it the weather cold enough you could see each breath. Bolverk reached into his quiver and pulled out one of the arrows he did not break focus as he brought the arrow down and into the bow string he brushed forward nearing the white Hart its horns were big and its fur as white as winters snow the creature stood very tall. Remaining unseen by the Hart Bolverk pulled back the string and raised his bow staying crouched in the brush he lifted his finger tips from the bows string and the arrow soared threw the air being carried by the winds it brushed right over the Harts back and striaght into a great grey Wolf that head just leaped out of the brush hitting it center between the eyes its body dropped and the spooked Hart took off running Bolverk ran beside it reached into his quiver pulled out an other arrow and shot an other Wolf that had leaped out from the brush, more Wolves chased behind the Hart but Bolverk kept at its side shooting the Wolves down one by one thining thepack with each arrow being a perfect shot. The Hart slid to a stop as it had reached a cliff and now trapped itself into a corner the pack of Wolves that remained closed in fast but Bolverk leaped from the hillside above letting loose the bows string his last arrow shot down one of the five Wolfs that remain between the eyes its body dropped and rolled under the other wolves as they ran over it. Bolverk threw aside his bow and pulled his axes out from his belt now being the only thing standing between the Hart and the Wolves dinner the dogs quickly turned their attention to the Viking and surrounded Bolverk he gripped his axes tightly as the Wolves slowly approached and circled around him than two Wolves leaped from each side at him Bolverk stepped back and brought his Axe down into one of the wolves skulls and as the other wolf past by in mid air Bolverk swung his Axe into it's side and as the wolf fell to the ground his axe slid down its body slicing it open and its insides spurted out onto the snow covered ground below Bolverk then pulled his other Axe from the other Wolfs skull and let its corpse fall to the forest floors.
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"I have made this for you Bolverk" Butch handed him an item tightly wrapped up in red cloth,"This is my finest work i was going to wait until your wedding day but wheres the fun in that" siad butch, Bolverk unwrapped it and what lay in his hand was the finest crafted Viking Axe in all the lands, the handle was made out of wood from Odin's tree with ruins engraved into the handle and finly wrapped "its beautiful but what is special about this axe?" asked Bolverk as he spun it around, Butch raised a brow and grabbed the axe "what is so special about this axe you ask? its very blade is crafted from a broken piece of Mjolnir! the engravings allow you and I to wield it" Bolverk surprised and excited asked "Of Mjolnir?! the very hammer of Thor? but it is Impossible how did you get a piece of Mjolnir?" Butch chuckled" now that my friend is a Secret, "I can not take this from you Butch" said Bolverk "No I insist that you keep it, the blade itself is indestructible and you have proven worth" butch argued. "I shall hold this piece most dear to me old friend, thank you" said Bolverk "And you're welcome, now let us drink and celebrate your hunt and safe return" Butch cheered. the two friends drank heavy into the night telling story and wrestling before butch got to drunk to talk or stand and Bolverk had laid him down with the help of the Butches wife Ranveig she too was a big woman but not in weight in strenght she was bigger than I and very beautiful a shield maiden when she wasn't helping around the shop. "Goodnight Bolverk your company is alwasy welcome" said Ranveig "Thank you Ranveig" Bolverk said they hugged and than he had walked out the door and Ranveig closed it behind him.
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Bolverk ran up the Ruins of a destroyed hut the big giant swung his axe at Bolverk but missed and with one swipe of the giants axe it devoured what stood beneath Bolverk before he leaped into the air, Bolverk Sank his axe into the Giants shin causing the giant to fall to one knee and from behind the giant Nadia Came down with a sword severing its achilles tendon the gaint fell into its hands in pain and Bolvekr leaped up and Crushed his blades threw the giants skull and pulled his head down to the ground and Nadia sank he blade into its temple delivering the final blow than they looked at each other than to the sky the blind giant was stumbling around Rhea pulled her Bowstring back but this time with two arrows as she ran down the roof and as she leaped across the broken roof onto an other she lifted her fingertips from the bowstring letting loose the arrows and the flew straight into the giants eyes sinking deeper than the other the giant stopped Rhea landed on the other roof and slid to a stop
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Bolverk Awoke upon his bed Nadia lying next to him with her hand on his chest both covered by a blanket of fur, Bolverk hears a distant thump and climbs out of bed puts his pants on and walks outside to find Rhea practicing with the bow her shot's were not dead center but the were in the center, "you are thinking to hard Rhea, do not think feel and trust the Gods they'll guide your shot" Bolverk said to his daughter, she raised her bow, pulled the arrow and bow string back than let out a soft breath and lifted her finger tips, the arrow hit dead center into an other splicing it straight down the middle, She turned around with a big smile " I did it father! can I come hunt with you now?" Bolverk smiled as he walked towards her "And I am very proud of you Rhea but you are still not ready to hunt" she frowned "Come darling let us see how you've improved with sword and axe" he tossed her the sword, Rhea smiled and than stood ready holding her blade steady "Very nice i see your mother has taught you the proper stance" Bolverk turned to Nadia who is now standing in the door and smiled it her, Rhea seen her father look away and struck "But you did not teach her the element of surprise" Bolverk said as he deflected Rhea's attack with his sword shooting sparks when their blades clashed and than Bolverk turned his attion towards Rhea, they clashed swords for many hours practicing and improving their skills but also bonding, the sun was high it was noon, time to venture into the village to collect meat from the Butcher so Bolverk readied his horse and Rhea ran out "Father can't I go with you?" Bolverk tightened the saddle and than looked down "Only if your mother says it's okay" Rhea turned around and yelled to her mother and Nadia smile and said "yes of course but dont forget you bow darling" Bolverk chuckled as he walk up to Nadia and kissed her "we'll be back soon" he said softly "Oh you better" Nadia whispered to him as she adjusted Bolverks straps on his vest than smiled and kissed him good bye.

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