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Tuesday I get this call, right? Some chick wants me to come in at midnight so she can buy four bikes. I'm thinking bullshit! I go, gimme 10 grand and I'll think about it. Wednesday there's an envelope for me with 10 G's. Last night they roll in on killer classic hogs and drive off with four brand new Harleys.
ACE (cont'd)
Hey man, you ever think about what you're supposed to be doing and who you're supposed to be doin' it with?
Queen:(in Choc's voice)
Last time we did this was for a guy named Samson -- ages ago!
The Siren formation congeals as Donna, with Queen riding bitch, shoots up the middle of the gang to take the lead. Bitch has a different idea and leaves the pack.
Snake flips the holy water switch, sending Bella straight to hell!

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