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Vigilante is based on Emery Green is a 21 year old drop out college student. who works full time as a security guard by day, and by night is a vigilante who roams the streets of his city taking revenge on the men who took his fiancés life.

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My name is Emery and up until a year ago I was your normal 21 year old worked a full time job. Had my best friends, my family. Had the girl of my dreams until she was takin from me. Now im the guy in the ski-mask laying in a puddle of my own blood. To my friends im just somebody working through some issues. To the city I am a vigilante a menace. To me,im just a man who was trying to make a difference and got in over my head. This is my story
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Chase Bennet: Reporter
Who are you? that's the front page worthy question. And I intend to be the one who answers it. You haven't seen me. But I promise you vigilante I will see you again.
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Both of you stop. he had a knife and a fucking gun. what were we suppose to do. I know you are hurting man and we both love you. You're family. But you can't blame us for this.
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