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For theater class, I will be creating a script detailing, in minor detail, the events of one boy's talented spelling techniques. He is a man of many talents, but he is especially acute with the art of spelling words, and is winning competitions left and right. While he chooses to be humble and quit while he's ahead, his friend Mickey tries to persuade him to continue on in the event and show the competitors just how well Vince can spell.

Project Type: Skit (5 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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C'mon man, why you gonna stop? Huh, answer me that, why you gonna stop? The other competitors are scared by you, you have this, this, this, this, charisma about you...they are fleeing to other schools, you should follow. I'm serious, don't smirk. I'm tellin' ya, you can be famous, well, sorta, like nerdy famous....not that that's a bad thing, I mean at least your famous...girls may stray away from you but, I heard living a secluded life was actually better for a person these days...hey Henry David Thoreau did it when he wrote Walden , which I might add is one of the greatest books ever written, despite the fact that I didn't read it, that is. Plus, if you continue to compete, your mom said she would bake those totally radical cookies she's famous for.....do it, or else!
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The scene is short and simple...the dialog should not be too complex, after all, we have to memorize these lines to make sure we have our preparedness up to par
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