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Video short of my romantic courtship of an airline.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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socalgecko edited an action in "A Woman Scorned" on 04/09/2015. socalgecko made 7 other changes. more
Brendan's girlfriend Kirsten is in the dining room. She picks up his phone, glances around and looks at it. switch to close-up of the phone, where you see an exchange between brendan and virgin america on twitter about how much he loves the airline and can't stop thinking about them. zoom in on message saying, "you make me seriously consider proposing marriage to an airline."
socalgecko inserted dialogue in "Everybody Gets Lei'd" on 04/07/2015. socalgecko made 7 other changes. more
I know how you feel about snorkeling, but have you ever seen the sunrise over Haleakala?
socalgecko edited dialogue in "Confessions of Love" on 03/27/2012. socalgecko made 49 other changes. more
brendan (CONT'D)
You make me feel like we've got a real connection. It's gotten to the point where I can't stop thinking about you. I keep a photo of you at my desk. I talk about you to random strangers in the airport. I stalk you on Facebook a little more than I probably should. And don't even get me started about our relationship on Twitter.
socalgecko edited an action in "The Proposal" on 03/27/2012. socalgecko made 4 other changes. more
The camera shifts between him and the plane a few times while he waits for it to respond (tension!), and then a handwritten "YES" sign appears in the cockpit window. He runs up and hugs the landing gear.
socalgecko inserted an action in "The Proposal" on 03/26/2012. socalgecko made 2 other changes. more
Camera focuses on the cockpit of the plane, where a handwritten sign saying "YES" appears.

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