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Quick pitch

chill guy takes pills to become high strung.
sits/listens to music
Name: Aiden
goes to a vodo shop with a friend that is chiniese believes in it all.
friend's name: Jasper
Jasper is taling to Dr. Aba and is completley buying everything Dr. Aba is saying.
While they are talking Aiden is browsing the shop looking and nick nack's. He finds a wooden plain unmarked book that somehow looks really mysterious. He takes the book off the shelf and undusts it with his finger.
Dr. Aba goes to his back room and does not believe even what he is selling.

Project Type: Short Film

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Recent changes

mvchuck137 edited dialogue in "Opening - Aiden's house" on 07/03/2008. mvchuck137 made 4 other changes. more
(without a pause)
No man, don't you remember? K... there was a Jesus statue in London that was bombed in World War Two and a toe was intact from the rubble.
mvchuck137 added an action in "Vodoo" on 06/30/2008. mvchuck137 made 8 other changes. more
Camera shows Aiden and Jasper walking towards their car but never shows the shop/it's name. Cuts to a closer view of Aiden secretly reaching into his pocket to look at the crusade trinket he spotted earlier. Stuffs it back into his pocket and continues on.
mvchuck137 starred an action in "Vodoo" on 06/30/2008. mvchuck137 made 12 other changes. more
Aiden bends down to pick up the book and is on his knees. As he is about the grip the book he looks under the shelve and sees a small trinket surrounded by dust-bunnies. The trinket is a very small crusade-type symbol.
mvchuck137 edited the scene titled "Vodoo" on 06/30/2008. mvchuck137 made 20 other changes. more
mvchuck137 created this project! on 06/30/2008. more

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