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This story is about a determined Senator who desperately wants to pass a law preventing employers from interfering with labor unions but wealthy business owners strongly oppose his law during the second new deal.

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Senator Wagner
Thank you sir, this new act will not disappoint.
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Senator charles l. mcnar
Well, hello Senator Copeland and Senator Wagner. What were you discussing behind closed doors? We are all working towards the same thing here.
AlisonCase29 added a slugline in "Scene three" on 05/28/2014. more
INT. senator wagner stops speaking and stares at the members of the senate.
AlisonCase29 added dialogue in "Scene three" on 05/28/2014. AlisonCase29 made 5 other changes. more
Senator Wagner
Unfortunately, for the past few years business owners have not used integrity when running their businesses. They have shied away from the task at hand, fixing the economy. Your job today is to help me fix the economic problem.
AlisonCase29 added a slugline in "Scene three" on 05/27/2014. AlisonCase29 made 16 other changes. more
INT. int: Capital Building- Day

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