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Wake up little Susie, a story I wanted to film for my drama production created by Midnight_Masquerade on AO3. Their summary - The decision to take the 7am class is one Charlie regrets instantly. How the hell is she supposed to stay awake with all that information being thrown at her? Luckily there's a fellow student in the row behind her who's happy to help her stay alert. It would be ideal, were this Hannah Johnson not also disarmingly attractive. Charlie is so screwed.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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“Perhaps we should... continue this somewhere warmer,” she suggested and Charlie nodded her agreement. Hannah turned to lead them away, which was when Charlie had the further realization that she was being totally awkward anyway and that apparently didn't stop Hannah being into her (holy shit) so it wasn't like she would ruin this entirely if she acted on a long-burning impulse (it was long-burning it had been weeks by her estimation and that kind of patience was reserved only for Marvel films and that was only because she had no other choice).
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“Um...” She tried for cocky and landed somewhere worryingly close to bashful, “Mind if I test a theory?”

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