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After losing the rights to his first, popular cartoon character, "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit," Walt Disney is determined to create a more popular cartoon character. During the train ride back home, the gears in Walt's head began to turn as he began to brainstorm a new cartoon character until finally he comes up with the mouse we've come to know and love today. With the help of his most trusted animator , Ub Iwerks, and his older brother, Roy Disney, Walt will forever change how cartoons are made.

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Now, Roy, you're getting all worked up over nothing. I got something no one else has ever seen. It's not a cat or a dog.
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Already ahead of you. I went ahead and talked to Mintz and he agreed upon meeting with you to discuss your financial problems. Thing is, He wants to talk about it in person and he doesn't feel like coming to L.A.. So, I already got two tickets for the next train to New York, which leaves tomorrow.

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