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Professional kick-boxer Jack villani used to work for the carlone mafia in Vegas. Sonny carlone owns one of the biggest casinos on the strip the mgm grand. Jack onced worked for sonny decided to detach himself and move on to a better and cleaner life. Sonny asks jack to take a dive in the upcoming fight, jack reluctantly accepts. During the fight jack accidentally lands the hit that will change hes life for the worse. Jack has to fight to survive in this no holds barred confrontation. Now hes the most wanted man on the strip with other gangs and the carlone family trying to take him down for good.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Jack is now in beast mode, he drops low and waits for jackson to lunge again... jackson lunges forward...Jack leaps forward with a forward spin kick which cracks jackson's chin. Jackson fulls to the canvass completely lifeless. The crowd cheer loudly. The referee rushes over and checks jackson. The referee signals "HE'S OUT" Jack looks back and sees the dissapointed look on sonny face. Sonny and he's boys get up and leave. Jacks head BLURS everything out NO SOUNDS just the motions of the announcer speaking and crowd cheering as he walks out towards the changing rooms.

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