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Quick pitch

This is a made up war story of a group of soldiers from different countries who lose their army and find eachother. These 10 men are stuck in suadi arabia trying to end a world war. They are the last men that have survived in this battlefield and they decide to band together as one squadron "the phantom squadron". And they are trying to finish the war once and for all so they can go home. Everyone grows close over the time they are together and later they all fear of losing eacother because they only survived because of eachother.

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

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jason Phoenix
No, no name yet. And we don't know yet, and we don't want to know.
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INT. Int: british Army camp BRIEFING tent- Greece. Lat/Long: 35° 2' 34.08'' N 25° 49' 0.0084'' E. Time: 0900. Year: 2020
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Jason and the team leave their cover and run for the next cover. Tgis gets the Arabians attention and then a bunch of shots are fired and the Arabians fall to the ground.

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