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A terrorist group has infiltrated the CIA and has plans to take control of Warehouse 13. Their plan is two-fold: use the weapon-like artifacts to wage jihad on infidels; and use the mind-control artifacts to sway United Nations diplomats into enacting Sharia Law over the entire globe.

The Warehouse 13 agents and regents must unite to thwart this plan, not only protecting W13 and its contents by chasing down and bringing to justice those behind the plan.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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Sethwi nods. The regents observe nervously. Pete answers.
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pete (V.O.)
Hello - Mom?
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AShkani (CONT'D)
...or we call your son. I have a feeling he will be a little more willing to divulge the information we seek once he discovers his mother's life depends on his cooperation.
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Ashkani nods at the other operatives, who all pull pistols with silencers from shoulder holsters hidden under their coats and point them at the regents. Sethwi grabs Lattimer's purse and rifles through it, pulling out her cell phone.
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I'm afraid your visit is for naught. I don't know the warehouse's exact location and, even if I did, I certainly wouldn't give it up to the likes of you.

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