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Lucy 18, African-American female is a well-known student athlete/class president from the Bristol Township School District in a small town called Bristol in Pennsylvania. Product of divorcee parents Lucy was raised by a single mother who migrated from Ethiopia to the United States 33 years ago. After, Lucy’s parents’ divorce her mother moved her & two older sibling to low-income housing. As Lucy’s senior year approaches she begins to start the process of applying to college.
Lucy finds the admissions process difficult and expensive. Lucy has to manage school work, athletic commitments, in & life at home. One of Lucy’s dreams is to receive a full athletic scholarship for track and field. Sometimes Lucy gets stressed and begins to believe a scholarship is the only way to end all of her worries. One day after practice Lucy finds a letter addressed to her from CCC University Athletic Department inviting her to a seven day speed clinic.

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first rule is 1 trust yourself. But what is most important is that you have to dig deep down dig deep down and ask yourselves who it is you want to be. Not what but who. Not what your parent and teachers want you to be but you
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(As the exercise begins Lucy flops on the bed and tries to get into the exercise. Lucy closes her eyes and as the exercise continues Lucy begins to slip into a dream state.)
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Lucy walks in to the CCC arena. She the women's basketball team starting their warm up run. The group of girls run past her whispering and snickering. The coach motions Lucy to join then. She drops her bag on the bleachers and takes off her sweats and sprints to catch up with the rest of the team.
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Lucy wakes up from her relaxed stated in her room. She looks out the window and see's the neighborhood kids playing and the daily hustle of life in her community. She looks in her mirror, smiles picks up her bag and heads out the door. When she opens the door she begins to jog. The neighborhood kids follow running behind her trying to catch up. Lucy sees a homeless person as she crosses her old basketball courts and hands them her water bottle from her bag and continues her run.
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LUCY is upstairs in her room. Her mother is at work and she is contemplating about making a decision. She grabs her phone to listen to some motivational speaking, Lucy puts on her head phones. There is a pile of folded clothes around her and a travel bag on the floor. On her mirror she has pictures of her family, newspaper clippings and her athletic letters. Throughout the room you can see some trophies and sport team paraphernalia. She glances over her CCC invitation letter hanging on the mirror. Lucy then packs the pile of clothes in her travel bag. She begins removing all the clutter from her mirror faster and faster she begins to takedown all the pictures, newspapers and letters down. When Lucy finishes she takes a look at herself in her clear mirror.

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