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mtcatherine325 added a new scene titled "Caedwyn's story" on 02/20/2014. more
mtcatherine325 inserted dialogue in "The cafe" on 02/05/2014. mtcatherine325 made 22 other changes. more
Why would she need me to help her?
enlberry added a comment to WatchGuard on 02/04/2014. enlberry made 1 other comment and 2 other changes. more
I swear, Erica could be my sister. She's going to love this! I think it's fantastic, by the way. We just might want to have the security camera on them a little longer, perhaps when they are trying to work the watch. Like it tries too zoom in on the dial, but can't see it.
mtcatherine325 added an action in "The Imperial City" on 02/04/2014. mtcatherine325 made 14 other changes. more
HERMAN opens up a security camera recording of ERICA and CAERWYN walking alone in the city.
mtcatherine325 added dialogue in "Caerwyn and Erica in the old world" on 02/04/2014. mtcatherine325 made 211 other changes. more
... Well... that's... awkward.

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