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A girl and her father were driving along a country road on their way home when they saw a young girl hitchhiking. They stopped and picked her up and she got in the back seat. She told the girl and her father that she lived in a house about five miles up the road. She didn't say anything after that but just turned to watch out the window. When the father saw the house he drove up to it and turned around to tell the girl they arrived - but she wasn't there. Both he and his daughter were really mystified and decided to knock on the door and tell the people what happened. They told him they once had a daughter who answered the description of the girl they supposedly had picked up, but she had disappeared some years ago and had last been seen hitchhiking on this very road. Today would have been her birthday.

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The GIRL looks up briefly, nods her head then reaches for the backdoor handle and gets in. STEPHEN looks at her through his mirror and ANDREA just stares ahead. The GIRL sits down on the middle seat in the back and also stares down the road. STEPHEN sighs, buckles his seat belt and slowly releases the break.
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