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INT. ext. perimeter path - day
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cadence (v.o.)
One night, late July of summer fifteen, I went swimming at the tiny beach. Alone. I don't know where Gat, Johnny, and Mirren were. I must have swum out far. I must have hit my head on a big rock off the shore, but I don't know. I remember only this: plunging down deep into the ocean, down to the bottom. Mummy found me on the sand, curled into a ball. They tried to get me warm at Cuddledown. They brought me to a hospital on Martha's Vineyard. I had hypothermia, respiratory problems, and some kind of head injury.
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Damn. I thought it was working.
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The first thing we see is a family portrait of the Sinclair family. Then, individual shots. First, PENELOPE SINCLAIR, smiling into the camera, holding a tennis racket, and wearing clothes that suggest she is a suburban housewife. There is a title above her head, handwritten, saying, "Mummy".

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