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A student is struggling with Hell Week for his college's upcoming play as he is forced to work on his paper at late at night in the computer lab when the spooks happen.

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student #2
Jesse was just talking about why the school is haunted..
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Jolting upright from a deep sleep, Travis grabs himself, checking to make sure he's okay. He laughs off the whole dream as he checks his watch, noticing that it's 9:36. He notices that someone had typed out onto his blank word document "YOU'LL BE THE LAST, ALRIGHT..." when the janitor's words from his dream echo through his head. He's confused, and suddenly slightly jolted when a single computer from the corner of the room begins to play the same ominous track from his dream. He slowly turns his head, afraid of what he might see. When the same custodian from his dream puts his hand on Travis' shoulder.
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(mumbled through gritted teeth)
Oh you'll be the last alright...
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Cut to a close up of Travis' terrified face, who is breathing heavy, when he realizes it's the same voice. Cut to close up of the mouth of the custodian, who slowly grins very wide. Cut to black. Credits roll.
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